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I have an urge to express myself through music. To tell a story. To express and communicate spiritual conditions and share emotions. My music is about experience and life.

Hi There! I'm Jovan Milovanovic Jazz Guitarist & Composer

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However, my music is for YOU. We could, for at least one short moment in life, (preferably concert, but streaming, CD is ok too…) travel together and share experiences of emotions, stories, jokes…that my music narrates.

Beauty is not a competition

My aim is not to be the best, my aim is to try to capture from the Wellspring of Beauty to the best of my ability.

The stories come from the experience and life: Belgrade, Serbia, the son, the husband, the father, living abroad, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, being away, jazz guitar and composition studies with Mick Goodrick, Greg Hopkins, Hal Crook, Bruce Bartlett…, Orthodox Church chanter – Psalti, friend, colleague, choir leader, the godfather,  marathon runner…